Digital Wax Heater 500ml


  • Digital control screen
  • Digital temperature control and indicator light
  • Suitable for all types of wax: hard wax beans, waxing with strips, waxing with paraffin
  • Removable aluminum container
  • Suitable for personal and professional use
  • Power: 120W
  • Construction material: ABS, aluminum
  • Voltage: 110V-240V 50Hz
  • Capacity: 500ml

Instructions for use:

Remove the wax heater’s cover.

Adjust the handle on the inner container for ease of use.

When the handle is firmly attached, place the candle in the container.

Turn the temperature switch to the “MAX” option so that the wax melts. This process takes about 45 minutes. During the melting process the indicator light will turn on and off repeatedly for the correct temperature setting.

When the wax melts, lower the temperature to 60 or 70 degrees. The appliance will operate automatically when the temperature is lower than the one you selected, the indication will be “ON”. When the temperature becomes higher than the one you have selected the device will stop working and the indicator will be in the “OFF”. This ensures that the wax will be melted but not overheated.

When done, set the temperature knob to “OFF”.

Then remove the lid using the built-in handle.

We recommend that you apply proper cleaning to remove any residue from the appliance. For easy removal of the wax the container should be warm during cleaning.

When you have finished your work make sure that the lid closes the device securely so that it is protected from dust.


Do not place the device next to water or generally in wet areas.

If the appliance is exposed to water, unplug it immediately.

When the appliance is unplugged, some parts of it will be switched on for a while.

Keep the cord away from heated surfaces.

Make sure the device is disconnected after use.

Use the device only for its intended purpose.

Never use the device if:

– The cable or plug is damaged

– It does not work properly

– Has been exposed to water

– Has fallen down or suffered any damage