For Toff and Elleebana the quality of the training is as important as the products and services we offer.
Elleebana sets the targets high with the creator of the company and Master Trainer Otto Mitter to be awarded for the second consecutive year with Nala Award in the category Educator of the Year. He also takes care of all the trainers, in all 40 countries, to have the latest knowledge and to apply the same standards, and therefore trusts us to issue Certificates: Elleebana Lash lift and Brow Henna with his own signature.
Your proper training arches with the knowledge of the details of eyelash lifting, you learn all the secrets of technique to achieve the best results every time. Training offers you confidence, product knowledge.
Become a member of a global family, enter the network of certified stylists and have a permanent support from our instructors.