Elleebana Eyelash Extensions Beginner’s Volume Course


We reserve the right to withhold your certificate until competency has been achieved.


Course Overview:


For two decades Elleebana has been recognised among the industry leaders in eyelash perming, lash lifting, colouring, shaping and SPM by Elleebana in more recent years offering comprehensive Beginner’s Lash Extensions and Lash Refresher courses.

It is with this experience and know-how that we proudly bring you the Elleebana Lash Extensions Beginner’s Volume Course.

This course is suited to the intermediate or experienced Classic Lash Extensions Technician and teaches the student the art of Russian Volume eyelash extensions, which shows techniques on how to create more volume by adding multiple eyelash extensions to one natural lash, giving your client a fuller and more dramatic set of eyelash extensions.

The art of volume eyelash extensions requires practice and is very specialised, but once you master the application and techniques many clients prefer having volume extensions compared to classic extensions.

This course is run over two consecutive days and includes product to the value of 350€, a comprehensive and incredible Instruction Manual and each attendee receives a certificate of completion.

Students are required to provide two models (one on each day).

Students should have a minimum 6 months experience of classic lash extensions application.


Topics we cover:


What is Volume?

Classics vs Volume

Stacking and capping vs volume

Russian Volume vs American Volume

What products to use

Lash Math

Clients eye and lash health

Technicians eye and body health

Volume fan pick up techniques – 3 of the best methods

How to choose the right fanning technique for you

How to identify a good fan from an imperfect fan

Narrow fans vs wide fans

Premade fans vs you made fans

Fan attachment

Applying an imperfect fan

Practicing without a model

Hybrid lashing

Styling with volume

Blending your sets

Layering to get a smooth line

Capping with volume


Photos and how to take them



Course price:


Contact your trainer

100€ non-refundable booking fee applies and is included in the above-mentioned price and full payment is required to secure your position at a class.


Course kit inclusions:


Elleebana Beginners Volume Manual

Certificate of completion in volume eyelash extensions

Elleebana Volume Eyelash Extensions Kit containing:

Elleebana Ultra Bond x 5ml adhesive

B 0.07 mixed tray

C 0.07 mixed tray

D 0.07 mixed tray

C 0.05 mixed tray

Jade stone

Eye pads

Belma remove 30ml

Squeeze bottle – use belma remove 10ml

Lip brushes (10pk)



Mascara wands

L-type tweezer

Pro angle cvd

I-type tweezers


Micropore tape


Lash pallet


Important times:


The art of volume eyelash extensions is something that certainly cannot be mastered in a day, there is a lot of detailed information and practice required when learning these techniques.

In the importance of ensuring Elleebana upholds a fantastic training experience for the learners we have decided this is an absolute must to be spread over two days.

Our Elleebana Beginners Volume Course duration is:

Day one at 9.30am and finishes at 5.00pm. Morning tea at 11:15am for 15 mins and lunch break from 1:30pm – 2.00pm.

Day two at 9:30am and finishes at 5:00pm. Morning Tea at 10:30am for 15 mins and lunch break from 12:15pm – 12:45pm

There is a lot of content to cover in this course and we recommend you advise your students to bring their own lunch if cafes to purchase are not in the immediate area.  Times for the class structure will be strictly followed.


Model required:             Students are required to provide two (2) models.


Model 1 at 2:00pm on Day 1

Model 2 at 1:00pm on Day 2


We are aiming to provide the highest standard of training when learning Volume techniques and we believe that this structure will give your students the best possible outcome and experience.  This in turn will give them the skills and confidence to ensure on-going purchases and happy lash stylists.


Important notes:


We offer this course with over 21 years’ experience offering lash and brow services. The Elleebana lash extensions volume treatment is one of the fastest on the market and so if you have previously trained with another brand you might find some similarities between the treatment but we ask that you are willing to re-learn what you might know as our comprehensive Lash Extensions Volume is assured to offer more understanding of lash extension treatments than ever before. We don’t leave you to your own devices and guide you through your treatment carefully perfecting your techniques and understanding of the treatment – you are welcome to call and contact us after your day of training with any questions that you might have, feedback of any kind and the correspondence continues as you submit your before and after images for assessment.

Please Note:


  1. 100€ non-refundable Booking Fee applies for each individual cancellation OR no show
  2. Full payment is required to secure a student’s position at a course.
  3. Student numbers are to be confirmed with Elleebana HQ on the Monday of the week prior to the training date
  4. We reserve the right to withhold issuing of a certificate until competency has been achieved
  5. We request that if you are feeling unwell or have COVID19 symptoms to speak with your Booking Agent and reschedule your training