Elleeplex ProFusion Lash&Brow Lamination Course


For 25 years, Elleebana has performed countless courses with some of the world’s most respected training institutions, beauty and hair salons, day spas and wholesalers of the beauty and hair industry. Our fully qualified, hand-picked team, along with Managing Director Otto Mitter have constructed a range on Online courses available WORLDWIDE! These online courses provide world recognised skills to enabled graduates to offer in-salon Elleebana services and treatments of the highest standards.


Elleeplex Profusion Lash and Brow Lamination Course will address the Lash Lamination service which is undeniably one of the industry’s most talked about releases into the lash world for 2021.

The Lash Lamination service using the Elleeplex Profusion system is providing the same incredible results as an Elleebana Lash Lift but is a thioglycolic acid free, sodium bromate free, vegan, and cruelty free system that is gentle while remaining incredibly effective and minimises the risk of over-processing.The incorporation of the Elleeplex ReGEN Next Gen product line into the processing steps of this service has been a revolutionary phase created by Cosmetic Chemist and Director of Elleebana Global, Otto Mitter.This course arms you with the detailed concept of lash and brow lamination as well as the hidden tips to mastering your technique to achieve perfect results every time.The detailed explanation of the science of lash and brow lamination is a key component to understanding the treatment and how to achieve optimal results. You are guided through the cost and income potential of lash and brow lamination to build your marketability.Our hand-selected Elleebana Master Educator will then assist you through your online course.


Science of brow lamination, active ingredients and the ingredient trends we are seeing

Adhesives and myth busting tips on adhesives used during the brow lamination service

Storage guidance and tips

Hair Structure and Skin Anatomy

Lamination and hair removal

Lamination and colouring hair

Health, safety and sanitation – for your clients and for yourself

Cleaning your tools and equipment

Pre-procedure preparations and contra-indications

Product information and usage and storage guides for the products

Consultation, reactions and the importance of indemnity and legal requirements such as insurance

Patch testing for lamination and tinting with Elleeplex Profusion lash and brow tinting range

Understanding eyebrow shapes

Dissection of the brow

Face shape and brow design

Cost of treatment and income potential

Brow Lamination process and step-by-step procedure

ReGEN hydration phase incorporation into your Brow Lamination services

Brow tinting procedure with the Elleeplex Profusion system

Aftercare advice and Homecare products

Frequently asked questions / important notes

How to take good before/after images

Lash Competitions and considerations to help you build your business beyond your competition

Case study submissions explained


Elleeplex Profusion Lash and Brow Lamination Full Kit  – all items used to perform both services with over 15 applications per kit.

Elleeplex Profusion Brow Lamination Manual

Elleebana Lash Lift Manual

Elleebana White Brow Henna Pencil

Precision Brow Dark Ash Brown Pencil

Blue Black Tint

Deep Brown Tint


Certificate upon completion of successful submission of case studies

Completion of the Course

Once you have successfully completed the assessment phase of your course (5 x Lash Lamination and 5 x Brow Lamination approved case studies), we will issue your certificate of completion! HOORAY!!


As an element of your certification, you will be required to perform brow and lash laminations on models, capture the work you are performing with before, during and after images and submit them for assessment.  To ensure your models are suitable to have a brow lamination we have attached below the contraindications for brow lamination.


Elleebana offers you this course with over 25 years’ experience with lash and brow services.  The Elleeplex Profusion Brow Lamination treatment is recognisably an advanced and well received product for a unique but desired service.If you have previously trained with another brand you might find some similarities between the treatment, however, there can be major differences between brands and training with our brand will be highly recommended to maximise your ability of achieving optimal results.

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