Course Overview:

Elleebana’s Classic Lash Extensions Foundation Course arms you with excellent fundamental core lashing skills. Our class is designed to deliver the essential techniques for safe applications of lash extensions as we guide you from your first day of training physically and then into your assessment and further supportive video links virtually. Our theory session commences with the elements required to give you a firm foundation and understanding of what is required for you to begin offering safe classic lash extensions applications.

You are guided through mannequin applications first to help build your confidence, co-ordination, hone in on your glue control and lash direction then our handpicked and passionate trainers follow you, support you and aide you while you begin your first lashing experience on your model.

Upon completion of your first day you are required to know and demonstrate all techniques from our criteria form and are tested on your knowledge retention with a quiz. We then ask you to practise and submit your before and after images for assessment and careful guidance before you are issued your certificate.

Topics we cover:


Learn how to offer safe lash extensions treatments

Learn the difference between lashes – sizes, shapes and styles

Understand lash extensions adhesives and the chemistry of these products

Gain knowledge on lash pH and how primers and lash prep products effect results

Correct lash consultation procedures

Correct aftercare for your client’s lashes

Lash styling that is complimentary for your clients



How to create a natural classic lash extension application

Identify client’s eye shapes

Create visual differences to the shape of the eye from basic lash styling

Lash with confidence

Lash mapping

Eye proportions

Learn how to perform infills

Lash methodically and build your speed and technique as well as understand how to practise your skills even without a model

Apply lashes using varied styles

Create symmetry

How to safely remove lash extensions



Learn about your income potential when offering lash extensions

Potential profit from your Elleebana lash extensions kit and how the contents breakdown is made

Adhere to your local regulations for safety and sanitation

Understand how to correctly troubleshoot with your clients

Learn how to gain your certificate and credibility for your skill

Course Inclusions:           

Full sized Elleebana Lash Extensions Kit included. Over 9000 lash extensions in curls, lengths and thicknesses that you will use. This kit will enable you to offer around 100 applications of lash extensions (with the exception of the adhesive if this is not used within the expiry). You will also receive an instructional copyrighted manual, a criteria checklist to review your new found skills and to be assessed on your skills by your trainer, a fund lash quiz, access to promotional flyers, promotional images and a promotional poster all on a virtual file for printing or use on your social pages and finally your certificate upon submission of a minimum of 5 before and after images that are successful.

You are also welcome to attend our further educational programs called our “Refresh Sesh” after completion of your first day with us.  Only students who have trained can attend these sessions and they open up opportunities for you to have as many days as you like performing services under the careful guidance of our Master Trainers.  To read more about these sessions please click on this link!

Important times:

Our lash extensions class begins at 9:30am and finishes at 4:45pm on day one. You then will have three months to submit your before and after images for assessment. Lunch breaks from 12:45pm – 1:15pm with a tea and toilet break at 11:00am for 15 minutes only. We have a lot to cover and we are extremely passionate about you getting the most from this class so please be prepared and bring a packed lunch.

Model required:      You are required to provide your own model at 1:15pm through till 4pm.

Official Elleebana Trainers Network:


Trainer: Nitsika Hara, contact phone number 2109946326

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