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Elleebana Power Bond (Black) Lash Extensions Glue


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Elleebana Power Bond (Black) Lash Extensions Glue


*Drying time : 2-3 sec
*Retention : 5-6 weeks

*Quantity : 5ml


In stock


Elleebana Power Bond (Black) Lash Extensions Glue

Eyelash extensions have become one of the fastest growing beauty trends in the world.

People are obsessing over longer, thicker and more glamorous lashes to help enhance their already gorgeous features which can vary from a soft and subtle style to a more dramatic and flirtatious look.

Elleebana’s superior eyelash extensions and adhesives are produced to the highest safety standards and are exclusively made for Elleebana.or best results and the ultimate “on fleek” lashes, we recommend Elleebana ISO approved, medical grade adhesive. All our eyelash adhesives have been thoroughly tested for retention, flexibility, viscosity and most importantly customer safety for the use of eyelash extensions. We have a variety of adhesives ranging from fast drying, sensitive and clear adhesive.

In the years gone by, the quality of lash extensions adhesive was not what it is today. The ingredients used, stabilizers and curing properties, as well as the flexibility of the product itself, have advanced dramatically and improved for the betterment for both the professional working with these adhesives and the client wearing eyelash extensions.

Elleebana lash extensions adhesive is produced in a high-quality environment that meets and exceeds all appropriate standards for production and is designed for use around the eye area. This product is vegan, not tested on animals, is formaldehyde-free and contains no latex. As these adhesives are cyanoacrylate-based products there is a short shelf life and even shorter after opening life as the adhesive begins to polymerize after exposure to air/moisture found in air – this is a standard expectation for all lash extensions adhesives (regardless of the brand) as the technology and raw materials used to manufacture these products are fairly similar.

Please note, eyelash extensions are a professional, in salon only treatment. Ensuring you are trained in the most up-to-date techniques and safety procedures is imperative to successful lashing, happy clients and a prosperous business.

Important information

Only purchase and use our adhesives if you are professionally trained for the application or use of eyelash extensions. Under no circumstance should you attempt to use these adhesives to attach eyelash extensions on yourself or as a strip lash adhesive. Misuse of this product is not the responsibility of the brand in any way nor the reseller of the product. Getting the most out of your Elleebana adhesives is strongly determined by the room climate, storage, client and the way the technician uses the product. Understanding the products and how they are used determined by attending formal training is the recommended way to avoid misuse of the product. MSDS is available for you upon request.

Patch test

A patch test is required for new clients and for any changes of adhesives. You may also like re-patch test your clients again as their own medical and physical changes can occur and sensitivities can develop over time. Patch testing is recommended 24 – 48 hours before a client’s treatment and will require the patch testing of all products within the Elleebana range. Do not use Elleebana adhesives on any client that has sensitives to cyanoacrylate or black carbon pigments.

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