Round Jade Stone Eyelash Extension Glue-Adhesive Holder Stand

This Jade stone works to prevent the glue from drying too fast.

It keeps the glue cooler than room temperature for hours.

Great size that has space to start new glue dots if needed.

Please clean right away or glue is hard to remove; or you can put tape over the stone when using glue to keep it clean.

Jade stones vary in grain and color, but the quality is still.

Feature: smooth surface and the low temperature of jade stone helps keep glue neither harm the skin, also do not easy to dry, let graft eyelash more easily

Material: made of jade stone, easy to clean after use, can be used repeatedly.

Size: the diameter is approx. 2 inch/ 5 cm, good size for holding eyelash extension glue.

Colors: Available in 2 unique colors, Green and Black (black is the ideal one for using the transparent eyelash extensions adhesive/glue)

The Reason for Use It:

They are easy to place eyelash strips on and stay cool so the adhesive doesn’t stick to the stone when you are ready to place them on your lashes. You can also use the stones alone to de-puff eye area. Using these for lashing and just put a bit of tape on top before put the adhesive on so it’s easy to remove and replace a new glue drop when necessary. Very handy.