Brow Brushes (Pack of 5)


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Brow Brushes (Pack of 5)


A set of 5 high quality eyebrow brushes closed in an elegant case.

Every artist needs the tools to craft the artwork. For every Brow Artist brushes are one of the most important tools. Great brushes will make the application easy and precise and will help to uplift the final results.

Our professional brushes are designed to allow you to create a perfect eyebrow styling starting from the shape of Brow Pasta, drawing out the eyebrows and filling them with Tint or Henna and highlighting them with makeup.

The set includes:

  • Eyeliner brush – Ultra fine Eyeliner Brush For line Brush Stroke and gap filling. Can be used for precise Lash Lift lotion Application. You could choose to apply liquid Eyeliner as well.
  • Sexy Cat Brush – Precise small angled eye wing brush. Perfect brush for creating precise lines. Can be used for Brow outlining, perfect line creation, detailed tint and Henna application. Can be also used to apply eyeliner or define cut eye makeup look.
  • Flat brush – thanks to its small size and beveled, flexible bristles, it allows you to perfectly draw the desired shape of your brows. The perfectly thin tip allows you to draw out sharp eyebrow petioles and work with the stroke brow technique. Designed for coloring eyebrows with henna powder or tint.
  • Flat angled brush – sharp very thin hair, perfect for Brow outlining with Brow paste or Brow pencil. It is ideal for creating the precise fine lines during the eyebrow tinting procedure as well as for defining the eyebrow shape with a concealer.
  • Smudge brush – allows effective removing excess of the eyebrow tint or Henna from the skin and creating fine precise lines. It is suitable for cream and gel cosmetic product application such as concealer.






In stock


Brow Brushes (Pack of 5)


All brushes are made of high quality Vegan synthetic hair, solid wood handle and thick copper tube.

Perfect for Brow Lamination, Brow Tint, Brow Henna.

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