Eesterlash Allergy Skin Care Serum

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Eesterlash Eyelid Skin Care Serum


Eesterlash Serum is a soothing and moisturizing product specially developed for the care of delicate and sensitive eyelid skin. Thanks to the complex of sodium, magnesium, zinc and manganese salts of L-pyrrolidone carboxylic acid (L-PCA), the serum alleviates the negative effects on the eyelid skin after applying glue on the false eyelashes, soothes, nourishes and hydrates the skin.A small helper that should not be missing in any salon where eyelashes are extended with quality.


“A miracle serum to solve glue allergy problems when applying false eyelashes.”


The product is suitable for professional as well as home use.

Unique composition on a natural basis without corticoids and antibiotics.


Made in the Czech Republic

In stock


Eesterlash Eyelid Skin Care Serum


  1. Before the first use, it is necessary to shake the bottle well.
  2. After thorough shaking, lightly moisten 1x micro brush in serum – use on one eyelid.
  3. Paint the lids with a brush before starting the application of eyelashes and then after the application. Avoid algae roots!
  4. In the case of very strong adverse reactions, it is necessary to rub more often the first time, which means before and after the application itself and to rub again that evening before going to bed. The next 2-3 days, then 3 times a day – NO more times!


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