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Lash Lift Cover Ribbons 3 Pairs


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Lash Lift Cover Ribbons 3 Pairs


Lock those stubborn lashes down!
Did you ever experience lashes popping after you did everything to create perfect separation and consistent curl?

We know the feeling, and we are coming to the rescue!

Because all lash lift products are based on water, which easily dissolves the lash lift glue, some lashes unstick or loosen at the base. To prevent this from happening, use our lash lift cover ribbons.

Lash Lift Cover Ribbons are great for keeping all lashes where they belong, which means tightly close to the shield, creating a beautiful and uniform lift at the base of the lashes!

Made out of high quality silicone that is soft and elastic . Wasy to place and remove due to their ultra thin design.
Designed to fit any shield or rod on the market.


In stock


Lash Lift Cover Ribbons 3 Pairs

How to use: 

Place it directly on top of the lashes to secure them into place while the lotions process

Be careful not to press to hard, it could push lotion into the eye, touch eyelid or spread on the tips of the lashes

Sanitary guide : After each use immediately clean with warm water and antibacterial soap followed by  Sterilisation in UV box or 3% hydrogen peroxide soak for 30 min. or 10 min. soak in 70% alcohol, followed by water wash to complete the sanitization. Let the patches air dry before placing back to the clear holder.


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