Long Tipped Microbrushes Elleebana (100pcs)


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Long Tipped Microbrushes Elleebana (100pcs)


Our professional long tipped microbrushes are an excellent addition to the Elleebana range.

The bendable brush tip allows you to work on the larger areas, speeding up the treatment time.

The tip is also thin allowing precise application which helps to avoid wastage of products.

Multifunctional use – perfect for applying, cleansers, lash lifting and setting products and conditioners, lotion placement, rod and shield manipulation, cleaning lashes and lotion or tint removal.

Handy also for tinting brows or removing tint.

A premium applicator which are excellent for detailed work. The length of the tip is 14mm.






In stock


Long Tipped Microbrushes Elleebana (100pcs)

Pack of 100 items.


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