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Silicone Tape Sensitive Elleebana (Orange)


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Silicone Tape Sensitive Elleebana (Orange)


Our new Silicone Tape is hypoallergenic, breathable, easy tear, ideal for sensitive clients, repositionable, easy remove and latex free so working with our new silicone tape is a dream. 3.6ms in total of tape with the below benefits:

– Step Up Your Lash Services Technique: Transform your approach to lash services with Elleebana’s 3.5-meter Silicon Lash Tape – the pinnacle of top-tier craftsmanship and expert finesse. Designed meticulously, this tape reimagines lash affixing with unmatched advantages every lash stylist will cherish.

– Strength Meets Delicacy: Revel in the duality of our Silicone Lash Tape. It offers a robust grip ensuring extensions remain anchored, yet its unparalleled softness promises a cozy, non-obtrusive session for clients free from tugging or pulling at the gentle skin around the eye area.

– Hassle-Free Removal: Say goodbye to the strain and unease of de-taping. Our Silicone Lash Tape facilitates a smooth and effortless peel-off, leaving clients pleased with your meticulous attention.

– Gentle on Sensitive Skin: Put your clients’ comfort and safety first with our allergen-free, latex-free tape. Designed with client health at the forefront, our tape promises a serene experience even for those with heightened sensitivities. Magnify your clients’ satisfaction with the soft embrace of our tape. Its exceptional grip combined with delicate care ensures clients with even the most sensitive skin can still benefit from the use of tape during your lash services.

– Take Your Lash Treatments to New Heights with Silicone Lash Tape: Whether it be for styling techniques, layering techniques, to give tension to some areas of the eye or to tape down some lower lashes this tape harnesses the precise application and positioning to allow your skills to shine through.




In stock


Silicone Tape Sensitive Elleebana (Orange)

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